Bearded Viking Drinks

Drink like a Viking

What happens when a Scottish chemist and a Danish beer-brewing Oxford physicist join forces in the name of deliciousness to create the very best of flavour experiences? After moonlighting in the burgeoning Melbourne craft beer and cocktail scene for years while doing our PhDs, we found ourselves craving the cornucopia of taste these drinks offer upon our return to the UK.

Let’s just say that we love cocktails. All kinds of cocktails. In particularly those spectacular ones that take you on a sensory journey as their flavour develops and deepens over time. Like most people, we didn’t have the equipment or the booze selection to make it possible for us to have cocktails any time of the day, so we started this company to solve that problem for everyone!

We’ve searched far and wide for the right ingredients, using award-winning spirits, fresh organic fruits, and ethically sourced coffee roasted right here in our home city of Oxford. Every recipe is intricately developed, extensively tested and perfected by us, with the help of our selfless test-palate friends. Every drink is lovingly mixed by hand in small batches, and every bottle is stamped with the production date, so you know just how fresh your drink is when you get it.

Putting our love in a stylish bottle means that we’ve already dealt with the sticky barware, the half empty bottles, and the sluggish hangover usually left behind when making cocktails.

All you have to do is stock up your fridge and treat yourself and your friends (or just you) to the very best in drinks. We can’t wait to have you join us on on this flavour adventure!

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Bearded Viking Drinks Ltd, 125 Crescent Road, Oxford, OX42NY

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