Project Description

Celia’s Cafe

Treat yourself to something Lekker!

The UK’s only café bakery serving Dutch baked sweet treats. From Stroopwafels & Speculaas, to Appeltaart & Slagroomtaart, there’s plenty of Lekker treats to tempt you with!

Being half-Dutch, I loved our family trips to Holland throughout the year, and I’m not going to lie, I mostly loved it for the food. So here at Celia’s Café, I’m going to share my passion and love for Dutch food with you, as well as the correct pronunciation of Stroopwafel!

But why is it called Celia’s Café?

Well whilst I could have named it something more Dutch, like Cloggy Coffee, Celia was/is something closer to my heart; my nana. Whilst I didn’t get my Dutch-ness from her (she was from Norn Iron), I did get my sweet tooth and passion for baking from her. A wonderful Nana, and my biggest cheerleader, she would snip out recipes from newspapers and magazines for me to look at and try, and even when I was half way across the world, she was always asking what I’d been baking that week.

​And although she wasn’t Dutch, she did love herself some Delft Blauw, and there are still many pieces taking pride of place in her kitchen today.

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Local & UK wide delivery, or find us at various locations in and around Oxford – see website for details.

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Website open for orders 24 hours a day.

Not least due to the current situation opening times are subject to change – please contact the business concerned to confirm actual opening times.