Pegg Furniture

A new range of furniture using clever pegged joints.

Like many designers and entrepreneurs, the problem to be solved began as his own. Michael had lived in seven houses by the age of seven, and later when setting off for university he moved an average of once a year for the next seventeen years. It was a lot of lifting and boxing and squeezing things into cars.

Unsurprisingly then, when he began to study furniture-making (a mid-life career change), his interest was not so much just putting furniture together, as being able to take it apart again. And while pegged joinery goes back a long way, surprisingly that’s NOT true of furniture based upon round pegs in round holes. Teased onwards by his fascination with the circle and a delight in really simple solutions, Michael discovered (we think?) a new type of joint: the round double-pegged tenon (see Pegg Shelves).

Gripped by an idea he couldn’t let go of, equiped by his previous career in environmental communications, and with a strong desire NOT to spend years sanding at £8/hour, Michael graduated from Rycotewood and set up Pegg Furniture.

You are joining him at the very beginning of the story.

Delivery / Collection Details

Free UK delivery. Delivery times: 2 weeks (in stock) – 6 weeks (made to order)

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Website open 24 hours a day for online order. See website for further details.

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