Pindy’s Samosas

Delicious, quality, Punjabi samosas

I started Pindy’s because I really want everyone to experience delicious, quality, Punjabi samosas.

I’ve been making samosas for more than 20 years. My mum would ask me to help her make them for parties, workplaces, weddings and family gatherings. When I started working in an office, I’d always make some for the team and within minutes colleagues were in the kitchen eating them.

I’m passionate about food. I love cooking and the satisfaction of providing good quality samosas to people who appreciate Indian food. So one day, I thought why not make a business of it?

My samosas are hand-crafted from first-principles with natural ingredients. Care is taken at each stage of the process to maximise flavour and taste. That includes everything from making the dough, preparing the pastry, creating the deliciously spiced filling, through to frying the samosas. This gives you a wonderful experience of crunchiness and flavour which just leaves you wanting more.

Delivery / Collection Details

Courier delivery, UK wide.

Address & Contact

07500 650 151

Opening Times

Website orders 24 hours a day.

Opening times are subject to change – please contact the business concerned to confirm actual opening times.